Stop drowning.

Receive fewer, shorter, and better emails.

Create a Shortwhale page to tell the world how you prefer email

Let your people know in your email signature

They will understand that you're drowning in email and will follow your requests.

Let new people know by linking from your website

Link from your website, blog, or page. No need to publish your email anymore.

Shortwhale does not have access to your inbox, and messages sent via contact form are not stored.

Benefits of using Shortwhale

Fewer emails

Some people will find their answer in your FAQ or will realize that it’s not that important after all.

Shorter emails

Unsolicited messages sent via contact form are limited to 500 characters.

Better emails

People will understand how you prefer email and will follow your requests.

Organized inbox

Use filters in your email client to group and sort messages, for instance by topic.


See how many people have visited your Shortwhale page but have decided not to email you.

No software

There's nothing to install. Shortwhale works with every email client.

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