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To schedule a media interview, please write to Anne Banner and Lisa Anderson at George Washington University, or to Colleen Lanick, head of publcity at MIT Press


I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

The fastest way to a general understanding is the new, concise primer Synesthesia. It's at Amazon, other bookstores, or your library.

Time constraints prevent me from supervising individual students. Almost all of the common questions are clearly answered in the short primer, Synesthesia.
You can always excerpt live quotes from my talks at You might also query The Synesthesia List.

Not in the conventional sense. Each test has to be individually tailored, which takes time and resources. Wonder whether you are synesthetic? Visit The Synesthesia Battery.

Yes, visit The Fallible Mind here. Credit as "The Fallible Mind" by Richard E. Cytowic at Psychology Today

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