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Hello. Thanks for trying to reach out to me. Like many things - this too looks confusing at first and gets easier and invaluable as you use it more and more. So don't panic. All this is a short and easy guide for more efficient and effective communication (in the age most valuing Attention). Try and I will get back to you. Promise.


I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

I think by talking to people, reading, experimenting, thinking, writing and observing. I am also completely devoid of fear when encountering a new topic for the first time. This habit of thinking-tinkering together with the abnormal absence of fear (only in the context of learning - I can't watch horror movies) allows me to generate useful thoughts and opinions that I share with clients and for which they sometimes pay me. A little bit less obscure: I'm a consultant working mostly in the field of disruption management and innovation. even simpler: I help companies think about innovation/disruption related challenges and resolve them. I am also a writer - I write like I read about - everything. The medium of writing is extremely conducive in my thinking process. I am a speaker - I speak like I write about - everything. No actually I speak about thing I love and I care about like: Innovation, disruption, creative thinking, cognitive biases, networking, philosophy, religion, politics and sex.

No. Thanks. I'm a terrible employee.

Yes. Always. I collect people. I'm very specific. If you want a job - write something meaningful and send it to me.

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