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I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

Yes, and I usually adapt my session to cover examples that will resonate with each of the attendees.

I have experience with large audiences (Oracle Open World, Gartner, TDWI, CFO Summits, AFP...). I very much enjoy the energy of large groups (over 100 people) and if room and AV permits, there is no limit that will prevent my sessions from being effective and impactful.

Short answer: yes. As my sessions share a common ground of research, I often rely on the same core and adjust topic, examples and pace to the audience. I can also prep up with the participating teams specific content to match their expectations.

Yes, I regularly receive groups for 1 to 3 days sessions on campus where they can enjoy the beautiful university setting and the amazing atmosphere.

I have a global speaking agenda and conditions permits I enjoy joining professional communities to share about my research and their experiences.

Yes, agenda and travel permit, I engage (and have engaged) on all continents.

I teach in English and French. I'm easily understandable by non-native english speakers as I teach to very international classes at Stanford.

The 3-day trainings can include a hands-on case (software and datasets freely made available) as part of the curriculum or as an additional 4th day.

Absolutely. Theses sessions can really benefit from participants with a wide range of experience who realize that despite the variety of their business problems, they share common practices and goals when it comes to data.

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