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I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

I love to speak and spread the message of healthy habits and lifestyles. If it's a local event (ie the Triangle of North Carolina), I would be happy to oblige if it fits in my calendar. For a podcast interview, let me know the details: Topic. Size and nature of audience. Why you think I would be a good fit. Anything else I should know before committing. For events that require travel, I need to be paid for the time I'm out of the office, as well as travel expenses. Please let me know your budget so I can make a decision that works for both of us.

I'm the wrong person to ask. Without access to your full health history, it would be irresponsible of me to diagnose, prescribe, or even advise.

Thanks for writing - I appreciate your desire to impart valuable information to my audience. Please do your homework, and listen to at least 3 recent episodes, and read some of my blog posts and articles. Then let me know how your experiences and expertise can help my plant-based listeners lead healthier lives. Point me to a short video or audio where you shined, so I can get a sense of who you are and how you present yourself. If you're selling pills or powders, or advocating that we eat foods of animal origin, or recommending unproven therapies, I'm not interested. I will respond if I think you'll be a good fit. Thanks Howard

Probably. I offer one-on-one coaching in two ways: regularly scheduled 30-minute calls, or a self-serve Laser Coaching model, which you can read about at If you're interested in weekly calls, let me know your current situation, your one-year goals, and your budget (fees range from $350-1100/month, depending on frequency of calls). All my coaching clients must be members of the Big Change Program, which you can check out at, for two reasons. First, there's a lot of material to be covered, and it's more efficient to do it in a group format. Second, the Big Change community is a powerful ally on your journey.

Thanks, that's so sweet of you! I don't accept advertising of any kind. If you'd like to support the podcast as a Patron, you can do so at I'll mention your name and business at the end of each episode to show my gratitude.

Yikes, I'm so sorry. Please let me know specifically what rubbed you the wrong way, and if it's a factual issue, please provide evidence that I got it wrong. If it's a philosophical issue, we may have to agree to disagree. But at least take a good shot at changing my mind, because I can grow and get better only through feedback. Just be as kind and generous as possible - I find I'm more open to change if I feel safe and appreciated for who I am.

Ooh, I'm so glad you asked! WellStart Health ( is where the Big Change Program meets the US healthcare crisis. Instead of pouring trillions of dollars into treating sick people, we believe in teaching and supporting healthy diet and lifestyle habits so people don't get sick in the first place. That's all very pie in the sky, of course, because as a society we have a long way to go before we start valuing timely prevention over later intervention. What we can do is target the sickest employees in an organization and halt and reverse many of their most debilitating and expensive chronic conditions. If you're a decision-maker in HR, benefits, finance, or strategy at a self-insured organization, we'd love to talk to you. We're confident almost to the point of being annoying that we can significantly lower your healthcare costs and improve productivity and morale. Our philosophy is that healthcare should be a profit center, not a black hole of ever-increasing cost and ever-decreasing value. if this gentle rant has piqued your interest.

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