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Hello. Thanks for reaching out to me. I get a lot of email, and the form below will help me get back to you. Thank you for taking a moment of your time to use this form, to find ways of expressing your matter in 500 characters or less, and preferably to suggest a couple of response options. I really do appreciate this, knowing that your time is just as valuable as mine. Thanks and best, Marc


I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

Generally yes, depending on the research topic and projected availability. Please contact me using the form, making use of the additional "bio" etc fields to tell me about yourself and the project, keeping it as short as possible.

Projects for the department that are currently in preparation or in progress, will be prioritized. Please check the music/neuroscience blackboard (MUT, top floor) first, chances are you'll find yourself something from that menu that sound exciting. -- If you already have a specific idea / topic / research hypothesis for your own project, please contact me with a short expose of the proposed project. If interesting and feasible, we will then make an appointment to discuss the details. -- Please be aware that the decision whether or not we will follow through with a project idea, will depend on several factors, including: - Is the idea per se reasonable and sensible - Are we reasonably certain (through literature screeing, database research etc) that the very same thing has not been done, published or attemptend previously - Can it be realistically finalized in the given thesis timeframe (Bachelor/Master/PhD) - Do we have adequate infrastructure, lab equipment, room availability, and manpower - Do we have sufficient funds, will we need external funding - Do I have the academic background and competence to supervise and review the project - Will the results be publishable in an international peer-reviewed journal

For written exams, all grades/marks are keept track of by Frau Rössler. Respective info can be obtained from her. - For oral exams, the grade was announced at the end of the exam. You were there. - For grades that go onto a "Modulschein" - please drop by at my office, having pre-filled all relevant fields of the form, or, use the contact form below for an appointment.

Yes, but not at short notice. It is advised you plan ahead and be prepared for at least 4-10 weeks of wait time. In your request, be specific about the topic, the format (audio, video) and the projected times (duration of interview; minutes of footage turnover in final product). Please be aware that topics specifically related to the triad music+brain+emotion have been requested very, very frequently in the past. Let's just say, I get bored easily by too predictable requests, and a bored me does not make for a good interviewee.

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Hello Marc,

This is just to inform you that our proposal has been accepted. Hooray!


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