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Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out to me. I am very fortunate to be receiving a lot of emails and very unfortunate not to have enough time to respond to everyone. The form below will help me get back to you.

If you would like to:

- invite me to give a talk: please use the contact form below,

- arrange a meeting: send me an invite at Doodle MeetMe,

- send me a message: read the FAQ and use the form below or email Helen Chang.

- invite me to give an interview: please use the contact form below.


I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

I would love to work with you; however, my department's policies do not allow me to host post-docs, interns, or visiting students. I strongly encourage you to reach out to the Psychology department (Alia Crum), Communications department (Gabriela Harari, Jeff Hancock), or Computer Science department (Jure Leskovec). Their policies are much more flexible.

Thank you for considering me as your prospective supervisor. I strongly encourage you to apply for a PhD at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and indicate that you would like to work with me. Good luck!

Splendid! Check out my website at and particularly the publications section.

If you are interested in practicing data mining, check out one of these papers:
1. Mining Big Data to Extract Patterns and Predict Real-Life Outcomes
2. Facebook as a Social Science Research Tool: Opportunities, Challenges, Ethical Considerations and Practical Guidelines

If you are interested in our data, see:

If you are interested in my models, see:

Please write to Helen Chang .

Also, consider watching this comprehensive interview first.

Thanks for a flattering invitation! However, I am focusing on my research at the moment and thus I am unable to engage in consulting or advising.

If you are looking for someone to help you to build predictive models (and use them in an ethical fashion to improve people's lives) please email Vesselin Popov at the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre.

I love giving talks, but can only accept a few invitations each year. If you would like to invite me to give one, please message me using the form below.

You can see a list of my past talks on my website

You can also watch my keynote at CeBIT'17.

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Hello Michal,

This is just to inform you that our proposal has been accepted. Hooray!


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