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I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

We decide to have a stop on new interested renters, since we want to fill up the last spaces by entrepreneurial refugees. If you are really convinced Lola can not miss you with your plan, you can always send me an email with a short answer on these 4 questions, then we will put you on the waiting list: 1. What is the core activity of your organisation? 2. How do you see your role in the cultural hub? - how and what do you want to offer/ contribute? 3. How to you want to intergrate with the refugees? - what can you offer (course/job/internship)? 4. How often will you be at Lola Lik? - overview of what days you will be at Lola

Absolutely! We only get a lot of requests, so we have to make choices unfortunately. What we prefer? 1. If you want to offer a free course or workshop for refugees, we prefer a sustainable one which is recurring (at least 6 times). So they can really learn something. 2. If you want to make a docu or photobook: that is great, but we and COA get a lot of these requests. To respect the residents privacy and safety, we do not want to do this that often. Although, if your docu is expected to have a big impact (film festival/ national television) you can always contact us!

You can contact my collegue Sari on 0622613786 to discuss the possibilities.

Yes absolutely! The restaurant will open in April, but you are always welcome to have a coffee in the coffee bar from Refugee Company at the courtyard.

- Drinks and snacks: you can contact Refugee Company at - Ziad's Canteen: in the canteen he serves an open Syrian lunch from 12.00 to 13.00, it costs 10 euros and renters and residents are joining you. - Start up Kitchen: for a closed diner or coffee during your meeting. You can contact him directly at A) Dinner 'bites' - 18 euro pp (6 types of appetizers, 2 warm + 4 cold, served as finger food) B) Dinner 'buffet'- 24 euros pp (served buffet style with soup, 2 hot meals + 6 types of appetizers and a sweet dish) C) Dinner deLuxe - 34 euros pp (4 main dishes including sea food with 2 hot appetizers and 6 cold appetizers and a sweet dish D) Coffe, tea, water and cookies - 3 euros pp * All prices are excl. VAT

For interviews, articles etcetera about Lola Lik, you can contact Anne at

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