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Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Due to being overloaded with incoming requests, how much I'm doing to reform the attention-technology industrial complex, my inability to take into account the opportunity costs of my time, and my general inability to say no — I am unable to manage.

With this in mind, and for my health and sanity, I need to focus on the projects that I have already committed to and cut down on the time I spend responding to emails to about an hour a day.

With this in mind, please consider the list of FAQs below:

If you have a question that you think other people might have asked before, or if you have a question that you think others might be interested in as well, please go to my section in Quora, read the existing questions and if your question is missing add it. The link is:

If you want to invite me to give a talk, please know that I get hundreds of invitations per month and have to be very selective about where I will have the most impact. Currently I'm receiving

  • 5+ documentary interview requests per week.
  • 10+ major media interview requests per week.
  • 8+ major speaking engagement inquiries per week.

I'm focused on how I can most help but please be thoughtful about contacting me. Generally, I choose audiences greater than 1,000 people or with decision makers in technology, government, education. I speak at major technology companies, with international heads of state, government and policy leaders. If you would like to invite me, please use the form below and please include the relevant details.

If you are interested in an interview, please write:

For anything else, please use this shortwhale system (below) and I will try to answer emails as they come but please know that if you don’t receive a response from me, it’s just a matter of too many emails and too little time.

Thanks for your help and understanding.



I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

We have put up great tips and helpful apps and extensions on the Time Well Spent website at:

This is a very concerning area however this is not my primary focus. I recommend Common Sense Media, a non-profit dedicated to helping parents and teachers educate children about digital citizenship and use of screens. More information here:

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