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Hello hello,

Thanks for trying to reach out to me. Due to work overload, my interest in too many things, my inability to take into account the opportunity costs of my time, and my general inability to say no — combined with my particular physical limitations — I am just unable to manage.

With this in mind, and for my health and sanity, I need to focus on the projects that I have already committed to and cut down on the time I spend responding to emails to about an hour a day.

With this in mind, please consider the list of FAQs below:

If you have a question that you think other people might have asked before, or if you have a question that you think others might be interested in as well, please go to my section in Quora, read the existing questions and if your question is missing add it. The link is:

If you are inviting me to give a talk, I am sorry but at this point my schedule for the rest of 2017 is fully booked. But if you want to try and set something for 2018 please send an email to with the title “Talk 2018”

If you are interested in an interview, please write:

For anything else, please use this shortwhale system (below) and I will try to answer emails as they come but please know that if you don’t receive a response from me, it’s just a matter of too many emails and too little time.

Thanks for your help understanding.

Irrationally yours,

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Subject: Project proposal accepted [MONTH/NRN]

Hello Dan,

This is just to inform you that our proposal has been accepted. Hooray!


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